Costs Guide

This costs guide is to provide you with an idea of the services and costs for those services.

The prices in this guide are for simple, straight forward standard matters; whilst these are suitable for many of our clients there are many matters when these are not appropriate.

Where your matter is out of the ordinary there may well be additional costs and these cannot be covered in this simplified guide.

We suggest that to be clear about the costs of our services you should call us and we can give you a clearer firmer indication of the costs of your matter with no obligation.

Accident Claims

We offer an initial no obligation discussion for free thereafter we generally offer a conditional fee agreement (no win – no fee) subject to agreeing about the level of our success fee.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

We offer an initial no obligation discussion for free thereafter we usually suggest using our fixed fee service for drafting and registering the Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) at a cost of £285.00 for a single LPA.  Where we are preparing both Property & Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare LPAs our charges are £400.00 for the two.


We offer an initial no obligation discussion for free thereafter clients usually use our fixed price service for standard wills.  Our costs for a standard Will are £125.00 but where we are drafting a second Will in the same terms as the first Will (often for a husband and wife or couple) our charges are £225.00 for the two.


We offer an initial no obligation discussion for free thereafter we will discuss the likely costs with you individually because every estate is slightly different but we do offer a fixed fee service in cases where you only require us to obtain a Grant of Probate.

We are able to offer a fixed fee to enable you to obtain a Grant of Probate (or if there is no Will a Grant of Letters of Administration). This is a “Grant Only” option and would mean we would not also administer the estate for you. The Executors or Administrators would be left to deal with the administration after we have obtained the Grant of Probate.  The cost of this service is £600.00 and makes a number of assumptions about the work we are to undertake on your behalf.

When using this service we have assumed that most importantly there is a valid Will and it is not disputed and you have the actual Will.

If there is no Will and we are applying for a Grant of Letters of Administration then all those entitled to apply for the grant are in agreement

We also assume that those entitled to apply for a Grant all have full mental capacity and that no adverse claims are made against the estate.

You will need to provide us with all information (financial and other information) required to make the application is provided without delay when requested.

You may be asked to provide us with the Probate Grant Application fee when requested.

To use this service we also require that this is an estate where no Inheritance Tax is payable and we are able to use the IHT205 form for simplified Return of Estate Information Form can be used.

As part of this service what we will do under the terms of the fixed fee is that we will help you identify the Executors or Administrators to enable us to complete the relevant application and HMRC forms.  We will then make the application and obtain the Grant for you and send you an agreed number of copies.

To ensure that this service remains at the fixed price it is a requirement that those entitled to apply for a Grant will promptly deal with the signing of documentation.

Our fees are fixed and include items, detailed above, however there may be factors which would typically increase the cost of the fees involved. Where there is likely to be any additional cost, we will make sure you are informed of this at the earliest opportunity and a clear estimate of those extra costs will be provided.

We do not provide specific tax advice or valuations for property, savings, investments or other assets

Other Services

We offer an initial no obligation discussion for free and would then be able to confirm whether we are able to assist you further with your matter or refer you to someone who is better able to deal with your individual matter.


All prices mentioned are for guidance and exclude VAT.  There are additional charges which apply for out of pocket expenses where services and fees are charged by third parties for example search fees at the Land Registry, Land Registry fees, Probate Registry fees and these will all be advised to you on an individual basis as these change from time to time and are outside our control.

All our services are provided on the basis of our terms of business which will be provided to you prior to our undertaking work on your behalf.