Other Claims

There are numerous other circumstances where you might have suffered an injury through no fault of your own.  Very often you will have suffered considerable pain and may be entitled to compensation.  Choosing the right Solicitor to represent you can make the difference between winning and losing your claim.  Here are a few cases where our Solicitors have recovered damages for clients and made a difference.

Mrs S: Mrs S was employed by a local council in their Social Services Department.  She suffered numerous incidents of bullying and name calling during the course of her employment which resulted in her being forced to take time off work through ill health and depression.  The Council investigated and disciplined the responsible employees but failed to transfer the culprits to different Departments resulting in Mrs S continuing to work alongside those who had caused her distress.  She suffered further psychological injury.  We were instructed after Mrs S was initially advised that she had no claim.  Damages recovered £10,000.00

Mrs D: Mrs D suffered a serious injury to her ankle whilst alighting from a taxi outside her home; she slipped and injured herself on ice which had formed on the pavement as a result of water escaping from a nearby building site.  The insurers initially denied liability, but after we issued proceedings liability was admitted and damages exceeding £21,000.00 were agreed.

Mrs F: Mrs F lost of the tip of her finger whilst posting leaflets through a letterbox; a dog bit her finger as she pushed the leaflet through the letterbox.  Mrs F approached the solicitors for her “before the event” insurers who rejected the claim on the basis that it would fail.  We accepted the claim under a “conditional fee agreement” (CFA), No Win-No Fee agreement and recovered damages of in excess of £10,000.00

 If you have suffered an injury in similar circumstances or where you believe someone else is to blame and you were not at fault contact us to find out whether you have a claim.

 Remember these are only a few of the cases where we have recovered damages for clients as a result of an accident in which they have suffered personal injury and loss.

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