Accidents at Work

I can fully appreciate the disruption and concerns an accident at work can cause you when you have suffered an injury. Injury not only affects the injured person but the whole family:-

  • Being hospitalised: leaving your loved ones to cope alone.
  • Financial problems: for example, meeting the mortgage or the credit card bills.
  • Inconvenience and the need for support.
  • Problems with modifications to the home as a result of the injury
  • Psychological damage (so very often missed and underestimated)

Accidents at work do happen and your employer has a legal resposibility to hold Employers Liability Insurance which covers compensation for injuries and loss of earnings.  If you have suffered an injury from an accident at work, minor or otherwise, you are entitled to damages if you can show you were not at fault.  Even if a fellow employee caused your accident, your employer is liable to pay for any damages.

Blakeley Solicitors “The Accident Claim Solicitor” give you:-

  • Maximum compensation for your injury
  • A Simple Step by Step process – no middlemen