Road Accidents

Many road traffic claims are now handled remotely with the solicitor’s office possibly hundreds of miles from where the client lives. There is nothing intrinsically wrong in that if the service provided is satisfactory.  But time after time claimants have no idea about what is happening with their claim and have not been properly advised about what to expect from their road traffic accident claim. If the claim goes to Court they will be represented by Counsel and he or she will be the first lawyer they have seen “face to face” since the litigation began.  Surely doing high volume work using low grade fee earners should not mean selling the client short by sloppy preparation!  At Blakeley Solicitors you will know who is dealing with your claim.  It will be the same person.  You know that you can always contact me to discuss your claim.

I come across these problems so frequently; people who are at their most vulnerable when they are injured getting calls from insurance companies and then “panel” solicitors or worse, just letters offering derisory settlement of their injury claim. Why?  Well settling the claim fast is invariably cheap for an insurer and they know that without expert advice you may not be paid all the damages you are entitled to.  So please do not let that happen to you.

Call “The Accident Claim Solicitor” on 01274 831141 and do not let an insult, by settling your claim for less than it is worth, be added on to the injury!

CAUTION!! REMEMBER – You do not have to accept the solicitors the insurers encourage you to go to.  It is likely that the insurer is “selling” your details to the solicitor without regard for whether that solicitor is appropriate for you or will do the best job for your claim. You should certainly seek advice on offers received.  If you are not represented by a suitably qualified and experienced solicitor you could lose more than you think and you might not get all the compensation you are entitled to!